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I have two today.
1: I was taking my Hydra as high as possible and jumping out over water, so I tried the parchute quick open and close thing, but when I did the parachute disapeared and CJ accelerated like normal but he was still in the parachute pose (arms holding straps) he landed in water but the pose stayed and when I switched weapons they appeared in his raised arms. He just bobbed their. Has this happened to any of you? I was at the very top of the third altitude bar it wouldn't go to a fourth, and I jumped near the red bridge by the quarry.

2:I was flying my hydra, I love those things, at high speeds and I decided to dive into the quarry and jump out. CJ barely survived when all of a sudden the dumptruck lands on him, like it was spawned in air. (I have completed the quarry missions)
Ex-PS Fanboy
#1: one of the most frequent glithches i come across usually 20% of the time my parachute does that. but what you said about the water never happened to me before, probably because i dont parachute over water

#2:never heard of it. It could be that, since the hydra is the fastest vehicle, you got the the spawn point of the dumptruck while it was spawning and it never got a chance to land.
1st one happened to me few times
I don't know if this has happened to other people but when I had the dildo out beating hookers after I killed 3 or so a bunch of them started spawning and starting beating me with vibrators and dildos all I could do is run. Has this ever happened to anyone before?
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