Valhalla Gaming offers more fun in gaming by sharing it with the other community members through several ways to communicate like Forums, Ventrilo, an IRC-Channel and a live Radio station.

We as a community work hard to give gamers the best experience they can get, we stay updated about new games, we ask the opinions of our members what they want to see changed in the community and we will listen to them trying to give the community what they want from us.

Valhalla Gaming has a lot of experiences players which can help you around if you need it, we can also help with technical problems.

The games that we play are mainly;

- San Andreas Multiplayer
- Age of Conan
- World of Warcraft
- Warcraft 3
- Counterstrike Source and 1.6
- Jedi Knight 2

We also offer a radio station where you can listen to music and activities in games and out of games.

We are trying to expand, that's why we need you to join at this very moment, join now and you will be part of a big growing gaming community.