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well i played this game a month or so b4 my system broke down and i changed all my mobo, processor and psu (redundant) and whn i reinstalled i juz cant seem to get it to work,
the game juz moves too fast! the clock is fast, the items and the $ mark is spinning fast like mad bt CJ's walking speed is fine.
i tried all kinds of resolutions, wif or w/o the frame limiter but it doesnt change anything..someone please help me
Operating system Vista? (XP users: SP1 or SP2)
Video/Graphics card type w/onboard? graphics memory
RAM? (random access memory)
This may help to identify the problem.
Latest updates?
Operating system XP usersSP2

gc is onboard gpu nvidia geforce 7025

Processor - amd 4200+

RAM? (random access memory)
1gb ram

and i have all the latest drivers for my display and sound
oh and 1 more thing, the color is pretty..lame if u know wat i mean b4 i used tis system i was using intel desktop board tat has the onboard intel graphics and the color is actually prettier thn tis system whihc i think is nt possible as this is a more..powerful system
while the game is running, alt-tab or press the 'Windows' key to get back to the desktop. Bring up the 'Task Manager', click the 'processes' tab, find gta_sa.exe & right click on it, click on 'set affinity' & uncheck cpu 1 so that cpu 0 is the only one checked. That should help your speed problem.
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