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who else has been watching underbelly? chat about it here. im up to episode 6. pretty good show btw. not sure about the legal stuff but i guess people in other countries and vic could download it on limewire if you wanted to see it.

WHO eidited my post? mad.gif
yeah i`ve seen a few bits and pieces of the series on tv really good for the usual aussie cop drama.....thats probably because most of this actually did happen...can`t wait untill next week looks like war is about to start
Darth Sexy
I haven't seen it, but my friend said it's quite good.
I've only seen one episode, that was last weeks one and it's really good. If you liked the sopranos I would recomend you watch this show.

I also liked the show Dangerous when it was on. Too bad they stoped the series after only eight episodes.
Its quite excellent, Pete the Russian got killed but, =(
Pete the russian was an asshole.

He reminded me of Niko alot.
Yeah i like it ....i thought that Gattalina guy was cool....till he got whacked... love the aussie accents lol
I love Underbelly. What I don't like, however, is when I am not home and I record it on Foxtel IQ, the show before it runs over and therefore I miss the last few minutes of Underbelly. Annoying. Same thing always happens with Sea Patrol too.
It's pretty good for OZ tv. The guy who plays Carl is very good.
I cant figure whos dumber, the cops or the crims?

Anal sex would hurt like buggery (lol) good one Roberta.
it's starting now. i think benji dies this episode.
Flash Light
DVD's come out next week or something I missed most episodes so I'll cop that shit. I liked I think It was the second episode where they kidnapped some dude and they rang up saying they've kidnapped him and they didn't give a fuck he was kidnapped and the coppers went to someone's house and he answered the door naked and the female cop Is like "can you stop looking at my vagina!" all forceful and shit.

poor melbourne miss out. I bet torrents are working overtime down south
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