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We posted a number of hands on previews last week from some of the biggest gaming sites on the net and they featured plenty of new information about the game and what we can expect. Our website sponsor UGO also received a hands on preview, and although you wont really learn anything you haven't already heard before, it's worth a read for another point of view on what the actual game looks and feels like.

The article's pretty short, so if you've got a spare five minutes and want to build up your hype level even more, check it out.

You'll find the preview over at UGO.
Hmm. Why can they not wait for April 31st?
Well they are this sites sponsors, so I don't want to be too harsh, but I thought the article was a bit poor, and made to look ridiculously un-professional by mentioning a date that 1. has nothing to do with gta4, and 2. doesn't even exist rolleyes.gif .
Lol, Psy. Delete some posts... this review is meh... really meh.
I wouldn't even give it a meh.
To be honest. I mean...good lord. serial.gif

But it makes me think...people get paid to write like that....
Sorry for the quad post. Server is messing around as usual glare.gif .

Anyway to be honest I didn't want to post that article. It's embarassing for me posting it as news knowing it offers nothing to the millions of people who view the site... But they are going to link back to us as a thank you, so we'll get a bit more traffic. Not as if we need it seeing as the server can't handle what we're already getting...
Why can't we be put on a decent server, like SoccerGaming =/ They get loads of traffic and they barely ever go down.
Just reading the news on the front page I was about to post "SPONSOR WHORE!@!!!!!!1" but now reading the comments, I guess I dont have to.
this old spice banner is blocking the article
Oh dear... Well.. A sponsors a sponsor. I knew as soon as I read the word "sponsor" that you didn't want to post that.
Niko Fira
New image i believe, niko in a police car. got it from
6 shooter
QUOTE(TwoFacedTanner @ Mar 4 2008, 11:14 PM) [snapback]1397529[/snapback]
Hmm. Why can they not wait for April 31st?

Hmm. Maybe because there is no such date?
QUOTE(Niko Fira @ Mar 5 2008, 10:29 PM) [snapback]1397690[/snapback]
New image i believe, niko in a police car. got it from

It's new to me. Nice find.
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