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So theres my lego Black Label Society i dubbed "Black Lego Society".Made them in lightwave. More pics coming soon with the whole scene i made and what not.


heres another of the scene i made. just an overall screenshot. i got an animated vid and everything. made ill post later if anyone cares

Vid!! There some overlappage and fuck-ups so if you dont like it please start sucking my ass.




Could do with the heads being a bit bigger and smoothing them out but looks alright, would like to see that animated video.
Yeah I'd like to see the animated vid too. This looks pretty cool.
Iced Coke
Very great that. Won't overhype it, since its hardly amazing but the interface looks so confusing, its obviously not an easy thing to do.
pretty much /\

i cant get the vid cuz i have it in parts. and for some retarted reason i dont have windows movie maker. i did it at my dads tho so once i get the file here ill post. in the mean time, heres my duck

now thats a fine gentleman duck
Sharpie Fetish
Nice work D-O perhaps a little smoothing out is needed on the first pic

Alos our new name is a name of a old console
I knew that-ish. It sounded famillar. Im at my dads so heres the vid. nothing amazing and i did this before smoothing and never bothered to redo it. there no sound either. i was proud of the fact i was the only on in the class to use "bones".



it failed to upload. fuck you bandwidth



theres collision here and there that i didnt care enough to fix, biiah!
So heres a triceratops's head.

I love the Duck and the Triceratops smile.gif
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