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How many people still play this game?

I don't, as I no longer own it.

I've voted too.
QUOTE(GTA_SA @ Feb 17 2008, 06:23 PM) [snapback]1394368[/snapback]
I don't, as I no longer own it.

I just don't care so much about games, nor the full interest in them as I once did. I do play occassionaly. I have few games left. wink.gif
I`m determined to try to beat it without cheat`s.
I still love the game and still play it all the time. ive had it for almost 3 years and ive played it so much the disc has parts chipped off in the centre. but it still works. I've finished the game 3 times and im going on for my 4th but the amazing thing is every time i finish it i always discover more things and do more things than i did the last time. it's the best game ive had ever.
[image="theres alittle sumfin i made"][/image]

I play the game as often as I can, which is every few days.
Even after what is aproaching four wholes years of playing on it Im still not bored with it.
I play it once in a while, I either just don't have the time, or am uninterested. Still this game is one of the best.
I have 100000 games installed on my PC and still GTA SA is only one I play.
I finished it 100% like 6 times, and now I'm just playing MTA and SA-MP.
i play it from time to time right now im mostly playing cod4 but when iv comes out im sure ill have to say goodbye to cod for a while.
tryin to squeeze as much of it as i can before the next ones out rolleyes.gif
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