I've found San Andreas to be relatively stable for the most part, until now.

I'm running it on an Acer Aspire 5590 series laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600.
I haven't used any cheats.

Every time I complete the Intensive Care mission, it crashes. Error reporting seems to indicate an issue with the graphics card/driver.

I tried downloading and installing a newer version of Catalyst, following all instructions, but it didn't work. It seems that it's either an issue with the mobility radeons, or IMHO more likely to be an issue with Acer's OEM ATI drivers, which are not updated much it seems. After nearly screwing my system up by following the directions to uninstall all ATI entries before installing the new (incompatible) driver, the updated Catalyst would not install, and for a while, I thought I may have turned the computer into a paperweight. Thankfully, it seems the system is robust and intelligent enough to reinstall the original driver after a few unsuccessful reboots. I then went to the Acer website and downloaded the most up to date ATI drivers to suit the model, but the problem persists. It appears as though they've only been updated once though, and that was some time ago.

If anyone can help or make a suggestion on how to fix this, I'd much appreciate it. This is why brands offering "proprietary solutions" frustrate me. If I could just install updated drivers directly from ATI I'm sure the problem would be easily fixed.