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So I've never tried a roleplaying game before other than zelda or something if that even is a roleplaying game. Anyway, I saw there was a server on SAMP called "Los Santos Roleplay" or something and apparently it's pretty popular considering how many people are on the server compared to the other ones so I figured I'd give it a shot. First it says I need to create an account and I think to myself "Son of a bitch" but I do it anyway, so I get to the site and it asks me for a quiz and I'm like "you gotta be fucking kidding me" so I give it one try, just one and I get every question right somehow so I think "hmm well I guess I'll just finish it since I've gotten this far" so I create the account, get the e-mail and then I login, but then it says I need to like make some autobiography or some shit so I make something like 2 lines and it gets declined because of the lack of detail so I sigh...I retry and I sum up the first chapter of a book called "Rule of the Bone" and basically change the characters name with my name, I submit it and it gets declined for the lack of detail.

What the fuck is this shit anyway? It's such crap that these god damn nerds have to be so uptight about something so stupid, all I want to do is try out the damn server because it's so popular and if something a fucking author wrote doesn't get accepted then these people have some seriously jagged sticks up their asses. They can kiss my nuts.
GTA ShutDown
So people who accutally go on there do Roleplay not Hack around
QUOTE(Claude Speed @ Jan 13 2008, 07:36 AM) [snapback]1386108[/snapback]
So people who accutally go on there do Roleplay not Hack around

Is it fun?

EDIT: I tried it, it's gay as fuck, these people are retards. I punched somebody and he fired a gun at me and missed then he said "NON RP!!! NON RP!!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO /FLIP WHEN I SHOOT YOU!" I said "you didn't even hit me" and he says "So, that's how it works" and at that moment I said "Fuck this..."
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