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Sharpie Fetish

Rate Hate Masturbate?
A Crop and Text? 1/10

look up tuts
Sharpie Fetish
I added some blurs n shit other than that nothing ness
QUOTE(Recruit CyanTist @ Dec 22 2007, 12:55 PM) [snapback]1382036[/snapback]
I added some blurs n shit other than that nothing ness

Where? =/ I can't see any tbh.
doesn't really matter, blurs are no blurs.. it ain't that hard to do that. The font is good though.. fits with the sig.. 2.2/10
10/10 for beavis and butthead reference.
You could've at least made it say

"I am the great Cornholio"

"I need T.P for my bunghole"

You didn't even get the words right mad.gif

One a side note, Beavis and Butthead always kinda scared me. They're just so....I dunno, freakish. And the Music Video bits from the series was always so fucking boring.

The film was good though
Also, add border.
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