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Alien Firefox
G'day all

I have gotten through GTA 3 and just gotten through GTA San Andreas

now im playing Vice City and have a minor issue.

I have the Australian version and so therefore cant pick up prostitutes

I was wondering if someone could create a mod to fix this.

Since theres so many modders and that here i thought it'd be the best place to ask.

can someone please help.
I take it your playing on pc?...because of the patch thing.

I don't know of one off hand.It seems the easiest thing to do would be to buy a North American version.ebay,amazon,etc?
The game is kinda old (but still good,now now,don't misundertake what I said there snf (31).gif ),buying a used copy for 10 bucks or so would seem to be the least frustrating way to go. smile.gif

You can tell the versions by whether it's grenades or tear gas hidden behind the 1st island police station thumbup.gif ...I've seen a list but can't remember where...maybe on this site.
Alien Firefox
i downloaded a UK version of the game

and was picking up prostitutes at first then it just suddenly stopped and i havent been able to since.
hmmm,you gotta be in the rite place at the rite time,in a decent vehicle(that's not too smashed up) laugh.gif ,but I'm sure you know that.

I know there was a remove hot coffee patch for SA.
Is there something similar for VC that stops the prostitute pick-up? That I don't know. huh.gif
Do you have other VC patches carrying this virus?
Maybe get rid of all other patches and re-load?

In VC there are plenty of health as the prostitutes may be wub.gif ,they ain't necessary.
Alien Firefox
its censored in the australian version see

its no patches or anything i got none installed

its not like hot coffee

cause in san andreas you can pick up prostitutes in your car see

so its all working properly

but vice city wotn because it was censored out of the game

i need someone to put it back in.
GTA ShutDown
TBH Find a wat to contact Rockstar and ask them for a patch
Don Leone
The Australian censorship board are so bloody twee.
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