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Since Bain closed his CN thread, I'm going to start my own. This topic will remain open as long as an admin or a moderator will close this.

This topic is to be used to talk about anyhthing to do with CN, normal forum rules applies here too, naturally.

Ok, so my ruler name is Hayai, and country is Nipponia, I already have all trade slots full, but I can sell tech if anyone is interested.
My ruler name is Ooooooo and my country is Oo-Er. I'm part of the NPO alliance, but only have 3/5 trade slots filled because a couple of wankers decided to pull out on me recently and I haven't been bothered to find some new nations to trade with. I can offer Spices and Gold, so if anyone is interested send me a trade request in the game.
Duffman in NPO...that just seems unnatural(I know, not the same Duffman, but still).

My nation - Kanadistan

Ruler - Masta

Full trade slots, and if you bother me I'll fuck you up. smile.gif

Actually, it's been too long since I last fucked someone up, please bother me... tongue.gif
Darth Sexy
I made a replacement topic >_>

We're currently fucking up some Islamic Haters. Shame I'm too strong to attack them.
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
QUOTE(Masta @ Dec 16 2007, 06:48 AM) [snapback]1380463[/snapback]
Duffman in NPO...that just seems unnatural(I know, not the same Duffman, but still).
I lolled.

Also, you can't fuck an MKer up, it's barely possible. Diskord and Seerow as .mil command, lol.

My nation, however, is secret.

I got banned before, but my new nation is up and running thanks to some people who owe me :v

RIP Mellonia. 21 nukes launched, 16 received, MK Medal of Honour winner for bill locking 4 NpO and 1 MCXA; Order of Roguery for bill locking stured and 3 IRON; Order of Shame for peace mode/second wave; Order of Massive Dongs for over 20mil wartime aid; Order of Jihad for over 1mil attacking casualties.

Yes I learned how to do it rite :v
Sorry Darth Sexy, didn't see it. (Actually I was so ignorant that I didn't even bother to search for it, so I apologize.) Now we can use both.
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