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Who still lives around these parts?
I am Heartless. You are Prime.
Heartless/Cuttlefish is the ol' spammer mattmurdock. That kind of info makes me crack up sometimes...
QUOTE(punxtr @ Nov 19 2007, 07:03 PM) [snapback]1375934[/snapback]
Heartless/Cuttlefish is the ol' spammer mattmurdock. That kind of info makes me crack up sometimes...

Fuck all of you. I'm like, the oldest, continually banned member.
I'm sort of still here. Nobody knows who I am except maybe Optimumpx or whatever his name is because I don't remember why...but we didn't like eachother. I used to come to this site daily around the release of SA but after I beat it a few times I disappeared for almost 2 years...It's like I'm going back in time every time I come to these forums...pretty cool in my opinion thumbup.gif
Dun worry bout that much. I think he might have banned me once. I know stan petrov had it hard for me, but lost his Modship while I was away.
Well that's cool. I haven't seen him around yet but even after all this time I still have a grudge against him...for unknown reasons. I just remember he pissed me off to the point where I even after I forget I still don't forgive Jumpy.gif but although I still have hard feelings (we will probably never know why) I offer a truce, because I like to love snf (31).gif

I pretty much banned all the 12 year olds whose balls hadn't dropped and were continually beat with a rather large twitch that was held tightly in the hands of their stepfather.
Hey I'm still here........I had the name: coreyko_2003
i remember you. its entertaining when you and other people just stop by and post in the general section.
Yeah I remember you fondly on AIM.

You used to hit on me... ewwww.
Whoa. What's up, dude?
This guy here, he's a wild guy...
Sup you two.

How you niggers been?
Did someone say Niggers?
Back again for your quarterly check up eh?
Hello. Its quite crazy that some people still post here... O_O
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