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Yesterday, I was reading the paper's usual unfunny cartoons (not because they are meant to be serious, but because they suck) and I came across one I cut out.

It made me feel bad, and its really political, just in the middle of the regular section.

I took a picture, and since I am so against dog fighting, it did sadden me.

I dont necessarily want to debate or argue about it, but I just thought to show this to people and maybe talk about the good presentation of this cartoon.
Yeah... i get it but at the same time whats the point. It doesn't really make a statement.

I don't think we should give save dogs that were trained to kill even though it wasn't their fault... they are still dangerous.. The cartoon doesn't say that either... so like i said it doesn't make a statement... other than it's not the dogs fault... which is stating the obvious.
I think its just aimed at being aware of how these innocent animals are trained to become killing machines, and how people as a society are corrupt and they have to make things like dogs just the same.

I see your point though. Thats like training someone against their will to become an psychopathic killer and leave them in society.
What the cartoon is leading you to believe is that fighting dogs reason on the level on humans... but they don't and so for one to mock anti-dogfighting groups and ideas is to tickle a dying soldier on his deathbed and laugh at him saying it was his fault he was tested and used by the govt--you just don't joke about that shit. You should get hit in the face.
I'm glad there isn't such religion as "dogism", becouse that cartoon might be the "Muhammed-cartoon" for them.

This was supposed to be funny, but I think it's stupid, maybe becouse I like dogs and have one too.
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