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Now the point of this thread is less about the actual story than the comments on it below it.

I for one thought it was profound of one to say not all muslims are terrorists, but all terroists are muslims. Profound if your brain is as narrow as a pin needle. These people believe they have it all figured out too! There are Bush folks as well as the anti-Bush folks in the terms of Dave Chapelle.

But just adding to the actuall story itself and not to the comments, why did the father (Megahed) think his son was in jail for 'no reason.' This man probably believes this; repeats the words back like a premeditated story to downplay premeditated acts of terrorism. The strongest force in the universe by relation of humankind is will and belief. It does not matter what is reasonable or true--who is the terrorist here--but how far one will go in pursuit of denying reason in order to accept his own selfish logic.

"A train of thought is never false."

That is the root of all 'evil.'
I think your point is that people are fucking stupid and generalize a lot. I agree.
You know, I was reading some of those comments.
One was talking about how the Americans are ignorant for hating other countries.
Always about the US.
Doesn't matter that other countries hated us before this.
We have to be tolerant.

And about all terrorists being Muslim. Thats garbage.
Every country, every religion, every ethnicity has terrorist.
Believe it or not, America has had terrorist.
I don't recall any of them being Muslim.

QUOTE(The Chicago Bears suck. @ Oct 31 2007, 11:31 PM) [snapback]1372664[/snapback]
I think your point is that people are fucking stupid and generalize a lot. I agree.

Yes, but sometimes I need to see a good example just to know I'm not generalizing...
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