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Posting often reports:

The error returned was:
Authorization mismatch - please go back and try again. If you have been trying to access a function incorrectly, please use the proper method.

Never had that happen. Browser maybe? Anyone else?
I use Firefox or Safari on an iMac. It's a pretty random problem.

This post I had the most trouble with posting.
That is weird. I use Firefox, but I am using Windoze. Wonder if it is a Mac thing? Cache cleared, etc., I am sure. I also use Fast Reply 99% of the time...not sure if that could have anything to do with it. Never know, though. Strange things happen here.
It's so random around here.
Well, if it has been a long time since you used your computer, but you left the message boards up you could have been automatically signed out due to innactivity.

Another problem could be that your browser isn't accepting's cookies some of the time for some strange reason.. (like if you have McAfee privacy suite installed on your computer)

Happened to me but it was because i loaded the page without, then i applied a proxy for something else and tried to post from the proxy IP and it didn't like that...
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