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Sharpie Fetish
Post what character skins you have here i was messing around with paint and made my fido have blue hair mustache etc... pretty much the skin is what you character looks like if you go thru the gta 3 program files there there as a bitmap so copy + paste em onto your desktop and upload em to imageshack

Mine will be on here tomorrow

Rules:must be modded and not the ones the game comes with
To do this you will need pc version
Make it so we can save them and use them ourselves as i badly need some

Also this would be a good thing to pin
Heres one I made in paint recently just messin around. Heres two actually.

Sharpie Fetish
Both put into my game thanks for this
Heres a lil' something I found that is quite useful for making skins.
Sharpie Fetish
Thanks better than shitty MS paint i been using
I have a GTA:VC on my PC. How can I photograph myself ?
QUOTE(HotRaper @ Oct 27 2007, 10:44 PM) [snapback]1371983[/snapback]
I have a GTA:VC on my PC. How can I photograph myself ?

This is the wrong thread to ask that, you want to be in the VC thread, not the GTAIII thread.

But it is an easy answer, that I hope the Moderators do not mind:
Simply hit Print Screen on your keyboard.
Then just copy that activity to your graphics program.
I use Adobe Photoshop.
There I am able to open a new file, paste, and then I have captured a screenshot, like this:

I had my screenshot hosted at Image Shack, they reduce the image size for forums.
Yet you can still see a full frontal of Tommy.
Content shows Black Track Suit, as well as 150/150 armor/health stats.
Also the Rhino Tank from the hidden packages, Phil's Patriot, and the PCJ.
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