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Sharpie Fetish
Nice one bain now we cant even have anything remotely funny in our name

and also is it just me or is the pictures topic like gone? the one where we can post pix of ourself that was in GD is gone Dissapeared
I'd noticed the picture topic had been removed. I thought it had been unpinned at first but I browsed through General Discussion, and couldn't find it. Could a member of staff explain whats happened there? Oh, and as far as I'm aware funny names are allowed - but distasteful and vulgar ones are not.
yup,I noticed the pix topic was gone as well...but thought,maybe that's a good thing! rolleyes.gif

>>>edit>>>...I don't like the vulgar names,but alotta people change their names here so often that they(just the names) don't linger for long.CyanTist your avatar...your avatar...nevermind
You can have funny things in your name, but don't be stupid. If you want to change your name but aren't sure it'll be alright then post in here and see.

As for the Post a picture of yourself topic I tried to find it and it came up with an error, which confuses me. I'm trying to find it.

Well I've been trying to solve the missing topic problem and atm I can't, however I am looking into it.

Edit: found the problem, now trying to solve it
OK the "Post a picture of yourself" topic was deleted by Bain. He could do this because he was a gold member and can delete his own topics. Because of this his ability to delete his own topics has been removed. That is topics not posts, gold members can still delete their own posts.

We're looking at getting a backup of the Post a picture of yourself topic online soon.
Sharpie Fetish
Thanks nanook i just wondered where it had gone
Nanook, can you upload the cybernations topic as well?
Speaking with Psy it sounds like backups may be hard to do for one topic (2) however we'll see what can be done
/sigh. So Bain went nuts. Great.
Heh, makes you miss the Trash section now eh?
Actually we have a hidden trash system, but for some reason because Bain deleted his own topic, it bypassed the system and went straight into cyberspace, despite the boards being set to send ALL deleted threads to the trash.
Marneyo Juano
wtf bain?
lol bain pulled a bob saget
Darth Sexy
I was wondering where the Cybernations topic went.
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