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Can someone help me with this mission i'm stuck.

Here is my saved mission file. Not allowing me to upload as .rar or .zip so uploading it as .html
if you really can't get past it you can always use a cheat! I found this out just by accident when you type in BAGOWPG(Everyone hates you) the drivers will all get off the car and you can just drive past them and they can't follow you!
In All car races:

Avoid hitting the fellow racers. If you don't hit them they will eventually let you win by their spinning out/hitting poles/driving off the road.

You Must only avoid ... spinning out/hitting poles/driving off cliffs/into water... So just drive cool. Take short cuts when possible, don't look back
It really doesn't matter what you drive, or your driving skill. Stay cool.

For practice use the "Taxi Missions", "Pimp Missions", "FireFighting",and "Medic" missions to get some skill and make money at the same time! Cut those corners, drive cross country, if Pedestians get in the way, too bad. Roads are nice but if it's shorter across the lawn do it.
Ex-PS Fanboy
don't floor the gas the entire time, the racers dont go full speed just slow on the turns and accelerate on straightaways, if that doesn't help get zoomzoom to do it
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