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I'm trading a zune for a PSP and I'm wondering which version of VCS I should get

the PSP version or the PS2 version

which one is better?
Ex-PS Fanboy
its quite hard to say...

the ps2 version is basicly the same but it has some extra missions and unlockables like the bp sanchez

but the psp on the other hand, is portable and you can take it where ever

personaly id say ps2 but if you travel long distances a lot id say psp
Get the PS2 version, the PSP version has quite a few glitches and they are fixed for the PS2 port, plus you won't be straining your eyesight looking at that tiny screen.
QUOTE(Tyla @ Aug 29 2007, 02:37 PM) [snapback]1359353[/snapback]
Get the PS2 version, the PSP version has quite a few glitches and they are fixed for the PS2 port, plus you won't be straining your eyesight looking at that tiny screen.

Plus there are 5 more Rampages, 4 more Unique Jumps, more Challenges, etc. in the PS2 version.

A few of the write-ups that surfaced when the PS2 version came out......

Jordan posted the PS2 version exclusives from gtaforums/
The following were not available in the PSP version, but have been added to the PlayStation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories:
-two additional PCJ-600 missions called "Playground in the Docks" and "Playground On The Park"
-new golf cart mission "Caddy Daddy"
-a mission on a Skimmer airplane called "Crims On Water Wings"
-additional missions such as "Rush!" (in the Vice Port area) and "Hyman Memorial O.D.T." (on a plane near the stadium)
-five new rampages including one where you must destroy 15 cars with a rocket launcher in two minutes, one where you must kill 40 people with Stubby Shotgun, one where you must destroy 15 cars with Spaz 12 Shotgun, one where you must kill 70 people with M249, and finally one where you kill 25 people using the laser-guided Sniper Rifle
-six unique stunts added
-buy a bulletproof Sanchez and Ventoso
-'Seagulls Sniped' has been added to the statistics menu

Thanks to DanKill of and those that helped to find these new additions!

A more detailed list from gtaforums:
Playground At The DOCK
Location: The PCJ-600 parked at the south tip of the row of condominiums near Viceport that includes your "101 Bayshore Avenue" hideout.
Objective: Complete the course in 1:15.

The course will take you in a vague spiral through the alley between the condominiums, around the roof of the garage row, out onto and across the street onto the grassy walkway along the coast. After hitting a ramp you'll eventually end up scouting the Benny's Restaurant boat for most of the remaining checkpoints.

Reward: $500

Location: The Linerunner parked in an open lot at South Viceport.
Objective: Cause $1700 worth of damage in 3:00.

This mission works a lot like Crash. You essentially have to spin/flip cars and knock people off their bikes to accumulate damage money. Peds don't count. It's good to have a 2-3 star wanted level so the cops can keep coming at you. You might also get extra (with "Knockon!" combo multipliers) if they end up going Blues Brothers on other cars.

Reward: $1000

Human Memorial ODT
Location: The Biplane parked in the Second hangar from the south, among the ones lining the west end of the Airport.
Objective: Complete the course in 4:50.

This is the reverse of the Land, Sea and Air ace mission. You'll taxi off onto the runway and after getting airborne, will zigzag around the West Island's landmarks before ending up at the transfer point near the long pier behind the Junkyard. You'll get onto a Jetmax(?) and then work your way south before turning back north. You'll eventually end up jumping into Hyman Stadium and transferring onto a PCJ. You'll do a lap around the stadium and the surrounding area before returning to the stadium, going up the steps and finishing right where you'd find the Phil Collins concert pickup.

Reward: $500

Caddy Daddy
Location: The Caddy parked by the Tennis courts just after the entrance to Leaf Links.
Objective: Complete 3 laps of the course in 6:00.
Reward: $2500

Playground at the Park
Location: Going up the entrance ramp to the Washington Beach parking lot, hang right around the wall as it ends and you'll find this PCJ-600 in a corner.
Objective: Hit all the checkpoints in 1:10.
Reward: $500

1. 40 Cholos - Shorty Shotgun - Little Havana
On top of Guano's Cafe, Little Havana. There's an alley with a series of ramps and jumps that eventually leads to this roof from the north.

2. 15 Vehicles - SPAS-12 - Starfish Island
On the front porch of the house next to and west of the Diaz Mansion.

3. 15 Vehicles - Rocket Launcher - Prawn Island
On the fountain in front of the Mendez Mansion. It's hidden behind the trees and there's a health power-up nearby.

4. 70 Sharks - M249 - North Point Mall
In the Security booth near the center on the ground floor of the mall.

5. 25 Sharks - Dragunov - Ocean Beach
Up the stairs from an alley that includes a Red Balloon and a parked Comet. Going north along these rooftops will lead to a Unique Jump.

Unique Jumps:
1. Little Havana
This jump, located between two buildings in South Little Havana, has a rather long runway comprising of an alley with a Sanchez and a Mac-10 as well as the road leading into it from the north. Hit the ramp and land in the Sunshine Autos lot to pass.

2. Starfish Island
Entering the Diaz Mansion through the front gate, continue up the driveway past the garage and stairs. As you pass the end of the house, make a hard left and go through a fence, where the ramp awaits. Hit the ramp and clear the water to pass.

3. Vice Point
Starting from the north side of the blue building that you'll recognize as a tool shop, head north along the road until you encounter an Empire building with a large parking lot. Hang left around it and you'll see the ramp, which should take you in front of the Chunder Wheel. Land past the middle of the wheel to pass.

4. Vice Point
Starting from the front entrance of the Ducum Inn (where the Deluxo is parked), head south along the road as it bends but keep to the left, you'll see this jump at the tip of the hairpin, propped up against a fence. Hit it and land in Leaf Links to pass.

New Purchases:
BP Sanchez - $4000 - As soon as you open the 101 Bayshore Avenue safehouse.
Squallo - $4500 - As soon as you open West Island, available at the long pier between the Compound and Junkyard where you find the Reefer.
Skimmer - $4500 - As soon as you open West Island, available at the edge of the dock behind your Midland safehouse.

PS2 Exclusive Easter Eggs:
Remember the nothing to see here sign on VCS for the PSP? Do you also remember that also the VCN easter egg was gone? Well on the PS2 version, there is a new sign and the construction of the easter egg!

New ship sign [Thanks goes to psphacker108 for taking this screen shot since my camera was going weired.]
Easter Egg getting built
so you can't do that ultimate hack thing with the psp like you could with LCS that some dude name tomedison or something made.
i'd get both, PS2 for the stuff mentioned above but PSP has multiplayer and you can take it anywhere.
Death To The Prom King Of The Century
PS2 edition enough said!
As some say the screen isn't hard to see to me so i say psp and the AD-HOC multiplayer is awesome!
he got the ps2 version already and beat it like 5 times

trust me I know him
QUOTE(Ruger @ Jan 14 2008, 11:01 PM) [snapback]1386528[/snapback]
he got the ps2 version already and beat it like 5 times

trust me I know him
how well do you know him snf (31).gif
Sharpie Fetish
Thats because he is him

We are roomates.
QUOTE(Ruger @ Jan 20 2008, 09:03 PM) [snapback]1387965[/snapback]

We are roomates.
kinky at all.
Get the PS2 version biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Legend @ Jan 24 2008, 07:47 AM) [snapback]1389221[/snapback]
Get the PS2 version biggrin.gif

Yup, and I pretty much laid out the reasons why in my previous posts.
VCS is a great *and* difficult game, for 100% completion.

PS2 - Go for it dude.
Game On. ph34r.gif
Handsome B Wonderful
I have both versions, and the PS2 version is better, imo.

The only reason i would play the PSP version again is for the custom tracks that i added to the game. What's not to love about listening to "Beat It" while beating up fluro clothed peds? Just like in the film clip.
Owning both versions I think its fairly obvious.

The PSP version is great for long boring car journeys [as long as youre not driving the car thumbup.gif ] but it is at times annoying. Also it loses the almighty "fun factor" after a while as well and becomes some what boring.

Now the Playstation 2 version is just easier. I am certainly more used to the wonders of the Playstation 1 & 2 control system, than the rather lame PSP control system and that makes it a helluvalot easier to play. Also the screen is bigger.

But on the PS2 you cant put your own songs on as a radio station, but on the PSP you can.
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