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Because of all the new hype about gta4 i started playing through the old ps2 games again. & whie playing through lib city i realized again that donald love just vanishes in the middle part of the game. I was just wondering if anyone knows what ever happens to him, like maybe he appears again in Lib City Stories (which i han't bothered to play)

If anyone knows let me know.

Sharpie Fetish
Liberty city stories which is set in 98' is set before Gta 3 which is in 2001 so the he reappeares in lcs is wrong
Alas, no-one knows what happens to Donald Love. GTA3 is, chronologically, the latest game in the released 3D series (SA, VCS, VC, LCS, III; if you remember). GTA4 is set after GTA3, so maybe he'll pop up in there.

Donald Love is one of the series' biggest mysteries, if you like (perhaps next to Darkel).

No he's right, nobody knows what happens to him. We will just have to find out in GTA4(if at all).
6 shooter
Since he had already been present in Vice City and then reappered in GTA 3, he might as well show up again...
didn't play gta3 up to that point but did he disappear just like how emmett from san andreas disappeared

tha fuck?
In the penultimate missions ("A Drop in the Ocean" and "Grand Theft Aero") you pick up some packages from the sea and the airport (respectively) and deliver them to the Love Media HQ. Then you go for the last mission, i.e. walk into the blue blob, and the mission "Love's Disappearance" plays, which is just a cutscene of... well here it is:

Edit 5 August: There are two more missions after Grand Theft Auto: 'Escort Service' and 'Decoy'. Both involve the Old Oriental Gentleman who you got busted out with at the beginning of the game, and those packages.
cheers guys!! But mainly thanks to pecnut, i didn't even think of the fact that GTA3 is the most recent in terms of in what time it was set. Kinda weird really. 4 games have come out since #3 and have all been in GTA3's past.

Anyway thanks again.

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