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cant beat this mission. what his face...the guy in the boat. he either dies of my helicopter blows up. ive never actually had the boat blow up.

any tips
Could you remind me a little what you do in this mission. If its the one I remember then I think I hung back a bit from the boat and tried to take out everything before it got too close.

If its not the mission I remember their is a good chance that what is have just said is a load of rubbish!!
yah, its the one where the coke is being transferred on a boat and you are in a seasparrow and you half to shoot the enemy boats, gets skis and a helicopter.

i guess i shouldnt get so close so my sparrow dont blow, eh?
Yeah, I am pretty certain I just hung back about 50 to 60 metre's and that seemed to do the trick. I remember having difficulty with this mission, and I think it took me 2 or 3 tries, but I got it eventually.

Good luck. Hope I helped.
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