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Does anyone else like this show?

I usually consider all reality bullshit, but I like the food/yelling aspects of it.

Like the same way the first rounds of American Idol gets me when Simon is talking shit to losers.

Anyway, that fat Chinese guy is fucking faggot.
The Porscheofile
fully agree. love this show.
LMao, Yea This fool is always crying about how he messes up. I hope he gets Kicked in the next elimination
i seen the first one where everyone sucked. i dotn uinderstand. they are suppose to be chefs but they can even fucking make noodles right. i missed the ep yesterday tho. too busy palying sa-mp
The Porscheofile
they fuck up because of pressure. sure anyone can take forever to cook noodles, but when you have high class high paying customers bitching your ass out, you are definitely more likely to fuck up.....thats what it's all about, not fucking up under pressure.
Their messed up noodles are probably delicious, but for that level of restaurant, they call it shit. Thats the difference.
I've been watching it, can't wait to see what the emergency thing is next week.

Im guessing it's either Aaron having a heart attack or something, or someone's been poisoned.
I watch! This is one of only two reality shows that I can stand... I used tp work for people like Chef Ramsey, so I can kind of get the vibe. But this season is CRAZY! A freaking chef from Waffle House? Geez... It's too soon to call it, but it should be some interesting TV. People are already showing their true colors... Heh! And Aaron: He says he has been cooking for so many years? Why's he cracking under the pressure? Pffffhhh...
I gotta start watching it again, I watched the previous ones and haven't since one episode yet.
lol, there are so many reality shows that suck so hard i feel like a trendwhore shithead just for watching any of them. i missed the show the past few weeks. i like it tho. its just too bad reality shows are tainted.
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