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I know how to get to/from Shoreside Vale from Staunton Island before you're supposed to [use the tunnel glitches], but I'm having trouble getting to Staunton Island early. I want to do this so I can get all the Hidden Packages, Rampages, Unique Stunt Jumps, Firetruck missions, Vigilante missions, and other side missions on the other 2 islands, before I start the first main story mission. I read 2 methods that apparently help:

1. 'In Chinatown, the Subway is blocked off by a grille at the bottom of the stairs. Drive down the stairs and park so that the side of the car is up against the grille, get out and you should pop through the grille.'

- doesn't work for me, I just keep getting out the other side.

2. 'At the northern tip of Portland, park a tall van up against the blue wall that blocks off the road tunnel to the other islands. Jump onto the hood, then the roof, of the van, and you can jump over the wall through the tunnel roof, which isn't solid'

- doesn't work for me, the tunnel roof IS solid.

Anyone got any ideas?
Johnny Himself
Yeah, this one worked for me, go behind the porter tunnel, backup a car into the sea, and right before it falls in the water bail out as it does, and you'll be in Blue Hell stainding on some Train Tracks, turn left untill you reach staunton Island then walk off the Tracks and you'll onto Staunton Island smile.gif.
When you say behind the behind the Porter Tunnel do you mean to the north or west of the entrance? And can you drive off anywhere along the sea wall, or does it have to be in any specific place, like on the corner?
Johnny Himself
If you jump out of the Car as it falls into the Sea, bail out and you'll fall onto some train tracts in Blue Hell, yes its the Sea Wall, ontop behind of the Porter Tunnel enterance in Portland.
I tried it and it worked -after a few attempts. Doesn't work very often tho sad.gif

I found another way of doing it in Chinatown. You drive slowly up the ramp over the subway steps, and let the car flip on to its roof at the bottom of the steps, rolling it to the left as you do so. If done correctly -and with a bit of luck- this somehow glitches you through the gate into the Subway station, then you just drive to Staunton Island or get the train if your car has blown up. However this has stopped working for me now, after trying dozens of times -it used to work after just a few attempts before :S
Or if you don't mind cheating use the flying car cheats and jump over the callahan bridge.
Sharpie Fetish
Try this.

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