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Sharpie Fetish
Just an enterance to grey hell here

Best tried with a sanchez

Near the docks near your safehouse where you first start there is a ramp go over that and get on the roof now go over to where a control box like thing and there should be a gap between like the box and a gate now if you land at the bottom flatly youve done it wrong but if you go down cockide like your doing a wheelie no biggie just press triangle and the bike will be trapped but you will be out now redo it and try to enter slanted ways and you should enteryou will enter grey hell
can you swim or do you just fall and respawn
Sharpie Fetish
To be honest my game froze and had to reboot
laugh.gif yeah that happens quite abit in grey hell. I hav'ent even played this game for quite a while now
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