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So what do you think is better?

GTA Vice City that was released in 2002 or GTA Vice City Stories that was released in 2006


I voted for Vice City Stories as its good that you can take this game and play it anywhere on the psp system and that the graphics and gamplay seems better

EDIT: ok the poll is'ent working for now, some error of GTA4.TV's I suppose, well just post until It does
yeah.I keep having to log back in.But I liked VCS better than VC on the PS2.Maybe 'cause I played VC so many times?
But there seems so much variety in VCS that VC seems a little plain.Don't get me wrong,I like both alot.But if someone never played either and wanted my recommendation for one,it would beeeee... both! roll2.gif

Naw,I'd say VCS over VC,by just a little! thumbup.gif
I couldn't say. There both the best games of the series. Its a tough call.

I did all of VC, many mixes, many jump stop get it done and then some.
All over VCS now, don't see an end in sight, after 100% C - still gettin it done, stunting on right.

There is 50% more side events to be involved with, than VC. That is on a technical D.
On A fun tip, the stunting physics are almost identical, fit the fun, make it your own.
I just ride, and run up on it all, Jump the bike off everything.

VCS Stats - street mix:

Flaming Insane Stunt Bonus - check
Perfect Insane Double, Triple - check
Max rotational degrees - Over 1,000 - check
Quadruple Insane Stunt Bonus - check - hell yeah - Escobar con Infernus ; muy loco ese.....

I didn't believe that shit - then I read that R* lowered the physics for VCS.
I had a feeling, because you just have to be there for a double.
Try a little bit for a triple.
That shit pissed me off at first....
Then I was like, whatever....
I still got a fucking quadruple insane, goddamit.

OK, rant/over

I think I would go for VCS on gameplay. The business building was good, and all the new stuff like the Water Jet Bike's, but for storyline I have to go with VC.

VCS just contradicted itself too much. With Vic and his "wanting to stay out of anything illegal" lifestyle, but ends up owning 30 illegal business's and killing more people than you can shake a stick at just does not add up.

In VC though we had a tough criminal man who comes to VC and makes a name for himself, and eventually rules the criminal world of the game. You know crime is his life and thats great.

I guess for me gameplay VCS, storyline VC
I disagree with most of you in that I prefer VC. Although Heartless is still right.

Better ending - you really felt like you had completed the job (basically the storyline is just so much better)
Better music - VCS's soundtrack was still bloody good, don't get me wrong, but I preferred (slightly) the freshness of VC's.

VCS is slightly glitchy.
Vic was a character who, as Korben says, contradicts himself.
Boats are incredible slow.
The sea is just GTA3's, but light blue. VC's ocean was semi-transparent.
so does the story line on VCS suck? i loved Vice Citys story, i'm not sure i want to play VCS incase it just spoils it
QUOTE(Flea @ Apr 15 2007, 09:25 PM) [snapback]1323129[/snapback]
so does the story line on VCS suck? i loved Vice Citys story, i'm not sure i want to play VCS incase it just spoils it

Well the storyline is'ent very good but the missions ar'ent bad, its problably worth renting but its cheap enough to buy i'd say
QUOTE(-spyder- @ Apr 15 2007, 10:37 PM) [snapback]1323152[/snapback]
QUOTE(Flea @ Apr 15 2007, 09:25 PM) [snapback]1323129[/snapback]
so does the story line on VCS suck? i loved Vice Citys story, i'm not sure i want to play VCS incase it just spoils it

Well the storyline is'ent very good but the missions ar'ent bad, its problably worth renting but its cheap enough to buy i'd say

I would second that. The missions (except for a couple that are rubbish beyond belief, but you can say that about every GTA - take for an example the RC missions in SA) are really good. Some fantastic ideas.

If you can forget that Vic does not want to commit any crimes apart from the hundreds he does then its worth at least trying it out. The PSP version had a lot of problems, but I am happy to say the PS2 version has corrected 99% of them and added a load of extra stuff which is good. I don't want to commit myself by recommending you should buy it for the PS2 but I will say I am not dissapointed with the PS2 version, and I am happy I got it.

Go with -spyder-'s idea, and rent it first. If you feel good about it after a few hours play, its probably worth buying.

Hope this helps.
cool thx guys, ill probably go rent it then and see how i like this game, i'm gunna buy GTA.V.C, GTA 3 and Sanandreas all again anyway when i get a ps3, i'm just not sure wheather i should buy Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories aswell
Vice City Stories blows Vice City out the fucking water and here's why:

1. The empire mode shits on just about everything about VC
2. You can actually recruit people
3. You don't have to go looking everywhere for outfits you unlock
4. VCS has bicycles too but they aren't all in the open though I haven't seen anyone riding them I just found them laying around.
5. I kind of like the pager better than the phone because you can just read what they have to say rather than reading the subtitles.
6. Fuck how the water looks like in VCS and in VC you can swim in VCS.
7. The first day I got it and played it all day listening to the radio I almost pissed myself atleast 3 times.
8. The map is more interactive.

VCS is VC evolved even though it takes place in 1984, to me, it feels like 1988 just because of all the new shit in it... mom can I scratch my balls?
Stan Petrov
Definently Vc.

Im a big story man, rather than 'better water graphics' and I loved a lot of the characters in VC, and the whole story.

Lance Vance is my favourite GTA character ever and I was so thrilled when I heard he would be a major player in the prequel, but I felt he was over-done, and the story was bland.

The Jet Skis was by far the best thing about VCS
Vice City, the soundtrack was great, story was great, and the lead character was great.
I woulda said VC...until VCS came out on PS2.Now it's a tie.The dual stick control makes VCS more funner(read playable).
I really like both.Each one has elements the other doesn't...they both great(imho) thumbup.gif

The talk radio on both are hilarious,even after several listens.

As for not being able to swim to nearby places at the beginning of VCS,well,I 'spose I shoulda expected as much.
The VCS PS2 version price is definitely a plus,but I would guess VC could be had for about the same price...and
everyone needs a Domestibot! roll2.gif Still,a tie
Sharpie Fetish
Gotta be Vice icty it had a killer soundtrack whereas VCS was good but didnt have a solid lineup also Tommy never got fucked over (apart from when Vance sold him out) whereas Vic was kicked out of the army and fucked over by martinez at every chance martinez got
Vice City. Duh. tongue.gif
omg what the hell... vice city stories rips vice city 3 new fucking assholes

I already stated why in this thread the story was also kind of good too, making you have to complete other parts of the game first before you can beat a mission (example: the dude with the flamethrower you need to beat the firefighter missions first) and having bullet-proof cars at your drugs/robbery/smuggling/whorehouse/protection/loanshark businesses fucking dominates. You really need those bullet-proof cars for light my pyre and you need to complete the firefighter missions for light my pyre
I like Vice City more than Stories.
Sharpie Fetish
Vie city will always be better end of.

VCS had a few more feautured such as swimming but i seems pretty awkward to me also have the stuff isnt created in VCS time Diaz's mansion is half built along with other stuff
who really cares if diaz mansion is half built... the golf course and chunder wheel>>>mansion
Death To The Prom King Of The Century
Vice City anyday.
I Like Vice City Stories More Cuz There Are Some More Features Added. But I like The VC Graphics Better... I know they had to tone the GFX way down to fit on the psp. But VCS is Still Pretty much my fav gta game out of all of them.
Vice City. Not just because of all the good times I had, playing it when I was little, but because of the story. Vic is full of shit. Like Martinez said, he is trying to be the good guy in a bad man's game. He claims he doesn't want to be a drug dealer, but has to because the Mendezs force him, fair enough, but what about the businesses? You can open a coke warehouse before you even meet Mendez, and long after you end your relations with them.

Then, there is Lance. He is my favourite character of all time (only people who came close, are Little Jacob and Badman), and VCS throttled the life out of him. They turned him from the smooth style merchant, we all fell in love with, into some bumbiling idiot, who dresses like a nerd, but is meant to be from the streets. Doesn't make sense.
Vice City hands down wink.gif Although I did enjoy VCS...
I loved VCS but the original Vice City will always be better. Liked the people, music, missions, ect. in the original better. Plus, it takes me back to 2002 when it first came out and I played the shit out of it.
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