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I am thinking about buying Vice City Stories for PS2 and I have one question. In Vice City, one of my favorite features were the ability to buy many business, do missions for them, then own the property and get money. I read about an "Empire Building" to buy and control properties, but just how indepth is it compared to the properties in Vice City and San Andreas? Could someone give me a little info on how it works?
It's way more in depth than any other GTA'S.You purchase and build various businesses,and you have different sizes of business ventures,and you can change the business types,and there are missions for each type of business that you can play through at each business location.It's a big part of the game.That's it in a nutshell. smile.gif
Just bought the game. Sounds like I'm going to be very happy. Must wait for IV....
Chief of Staff
QUOTE(satchboogie @ Apr 9 2007, 06:07 PM) [snapback]1320267[/snapback]
Just bought the game. Sounds like I'm going to be very happy. Must wait for IV....

I have to wonder, though, if this was the feature Rockstar Games talked about being in San Andreas but never got implemented at all either due to lack of space on disc or time to develop it... it's possible this concept is same as "Empire-building".

Even more, there's a good possibility that portable Grand Theft Auto titles were also developed as a way to test out some features they were never able to finish in San Andreas iteration... basically "taking temperature" to test customer's reaction to each specific feature, favorable or unfavorable... it's possible that those features that got favorable reactions from customers may also get implemented in Grand Theft Auto IV.

To put it this way, for all of us who plays those portable games, portable or PlayStation 2, we're sort of doing "semi-beta" testing for them... more precisely to see how we receives those new features never before implemented, favorably or unfavorably. *shrugs*
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