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I searched but found nothing.

I have completed VCS PS2 version.My last slot save(8) consists of the PS2 new missions,Packages,Jumps and
that order.
I always leave one easy package(in this case balloon).That way when you load the last save slot your at 99.something something %...and then you collect the last package and can see the on screen results of getting 100%. thumbup.gif

I did all this,then went to grab the last balloon and all I got was the last balloon type message.I re-loaded and checked my stats...I WAS AT 100% WITH 98 OF 99 BALLOONS COLLECTED! ohmy.gif

There is either a small arithmetic/algorithm error in the program or the balloons do not count as %,they only get you weapon spawns and nothing else.Maybe due to the addition of new missions on the PS2 version?
It would be quite a chore to start over to verify this.The last slot would have to be re-done.The single balloon I kept is under the"W" in Chunder Wheel.I can easily get a photo of my stats 'cause you can see the % and Balloons stats on the same page.

Apparently I missed the 100% message after doing the last Rampage and now won't be able to read the message or easily start over.My usual well thought out finishing strategy is all f*#$ed up,son of a *%&#*...grrr,RockStar...and don't tell me it's only my disc! wallbash_red.gif

yeah,I'm asking you too synchronizer! smile.gif
QUOTE(killjoy.rujoy? @ Mar 31 2007, 09:31 AM) [snapback]1316292[/snapback]
yeah,I'm asking you too synchronizer! smile.gif
Please, call me Synch.

I don't know man, I've heard all these technical theories in here and GTAForums about 'some guy worked it out'....

But all I know is, the % system, and matters like this are just as weird as LCS for PS2.
My friend and I, did simultaneous play-through of LCS, and did ALL the sides and challenges etc. first,
storylines being left for last. It seemed like every-other-thing actually accrued points.
So in that strange world, I scored from doing a challenge where he did not,
and then he score during the chainsaw massacre where I did not.

So since we write up the FAQ/Strategy Guides for GTA Domain,
we did it again, for another 100%, no difference. I know about the .01% factor.
Both had back-to-back 100% scores, all we could do is advise everyone to do everything in the game.

We're back at the same point with VCS for PS2.
Some things are not rating percentages for me, and they are for him.
Then the reverse happens. We're both now just below 90%, and the point system looks the same.

I don't know man, maybe the message just doesn't stay.
But I know there are *plenty* of things to do, regardless of many PSP-PS2 comparisons.
I keep finding more challenges just when I think I've done them all. Some I haven't seen in these forum posts.

Good luck!
I had 99.2% with 5 red balloons to go. It stayed at that until I hit the last one which put my on 100%. In my game it counted towards 100%. I guess your game may have a corruption, or something just went a little weird.

One other thing to point out which I am just a little bit pi**ed off about.

The wonderful (You remember the website we used to be able to log into, leave blogs, upload guides, maps and all sorts of great stuff, but does now not work as you can't log into it anymore) has a "99 Red Balloons" Map.

Erm... Well after putting my faith in the map and only being able to get to 94/99 after running through the map twice, I decided to count the balloons on the map.... I think the intelligent ones (And probably the dumb ones as well) can see what is coming next. Yes thats right, it only has ninety-fu**ing-four on it. Anyway I scoured the internet and found this. This does in fact has 99 balloons on it.

For those of you going through what I have just been through with the GTAGuides map you are missing numbers 48, 34, 30, 29, and 21.

Well unfortunately you can't leave a comment on GTAGuides as like I said, you can't login to it, even though it seems to make you think you can. Annoying or what!!
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