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I've been aiming to get East Island opened up somehow... and through this mission structure leading up to it, I'm now at the point where I should be getting a pager message from Lance Vance after having completed "Money for Nothing" mission, or so most of walk-throughs says... However, I'm not getting the pager message at all... is there another prerequisite mission I must complete to trigger that? Those walk-throughs never mentioned any other prerequisites at all.. only that completing "Money for Nothing" mission would unlock the next mission entitled "Caught As An Act"... unless there is difference here between PS2 and PSP....?
I think you hafta be on foot to get pager messages...I think. smile.gif
Chief of Staff
QUOTE(killjoy.rujoy? @ Mar 29 2007, 06:42 PM) [snapback]1315264[/snapback]
I think you hafta be on foot to get pager messages...I think. :)

Actually, it's solved but thanks.

Turned out it's not only "Money for Nothing" that precedes that particular mission called "Caught As An Act"... but also the last mission with Umberto Robina, the Cuban gang boss. It seems that none of walk-throughs ever mentioned that as prerequisite to unlocking that mission.... oddly enough.

Meh.... there's extremely limited helpful information available out there about this game... I mean, just look at how many FAQs are there for the game at GameFAQ... compared to most of other GTA games... an extreme gap. GameWinners has this same situation too with number of ... entries or however they're called there. :/
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