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REALLY struggling with this mission sad.gif
"The Exchange" for Diaz.

Drive to the mission and take out the snipers - that bit's ok. It's the next bit - driving the truck back to Diaz.
My truck ALWAYS gets destroyed by chasing cars.

I've tried...

Just driving - the chase cars usually kill the truck within a minute or two, before I've even got past two corners in the road!

Stopping the truck, getting out, shooting the chase cars. This got my further, at least onto the dual-carriageway heading south, but still suffered the same fate ultimately. It seems the chase cars get very close to the truck, so when they catch fire/explode they do it next to the truck - damaging or destroying it.

It's driving me mad now! (Plus I HATE doing multi-part missions where you have to drive for ages, do part#1 easily then try the bit you're struggling with over-and-over).


is it a first island mission or second island mission.
It's quite late on when both islands are open. I don't think there are too many missions left to do, and this is the only one I can attempt right now. I've been stuck on it for weeks! sad.gif
I tried it again today... Got out of the truck and used one RPG on each of the chase cars - that gave me two wanted stars so the police chased me. One kept ramming the truck and eventually caught fire next to me. You know what came next..... hahaha.
I've done some annoying missions but this takes the P!

Did it! Just kept the truck nailed without slowing down and you seem to 'lose' the chase cars. On all previous attempts i was driving too carefully and letting them get close, and that's when the trouble comes...
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