i dont have any maps of this so the nerds will no doubtly find them (no offense im 1 2)

VCPD MVERICK:on top of the police station in downtown and washington beach

AIR AMBULANCE:behind the hospital in ocean beach/on the roof of the hospital in downtown (use the door to access it)

ARMADILLO(FIRE HELI):behind the fire station in down town

BOVVER' 64(HOVERCRAFT):under the red small bridge behind 1 of your empire sites at the docks/at the old huts south of the peirs in ocean beach/purchasable at your safe house (clymenus suite) after the mission "white lies"

BULLDOZER:in the construction site south of downtown the 1 were u must rescue lance from

FORKLIFT:in viceport where the flamethrower was found in the previous VC

DELUXO:in the film studio/parked outside of the hotel in vice point south of the mall where gonzalez missions are

JETSKI: at the dock just a few meteres north of the pay n' spray by leaf links/at the film studio dock (not available after the mission "say chesse", only available for the watersports mission)

POLARIS V8:outside of any of your prostution businesses/by a house on the island your clymenus suite is on

QUAD:puchasable at sunshine autos after the mission "when funday comes"/purchasable at the beach behind a hotel after the mission "unfriendly compotition"

SANDKING:parked on the side of the road in ocean beach near the south side of the ocean beach strip

VIOLATOR:at the dock behind mercedes house (the 1 beside the bridge to leaf links)

SPLITZ6 ATV:purchasable at the safehouse (compound) after the mission "to victor the spoils"

STREETFIGHTER:beside martinezes barracks/beside king nuts in downtown in front of a store

WINTERGREEN:in the parkinglot behind the malibu

YOLA:at the dock jetting out of the boat import hangar

BI-PLANE:on the runway in the airport the 1 thats diagonal on the map

MAVERICK:beside the diagonal runway in the airport inbetween a hangar and a ramp

SPARROW:on the helipad in front of the second entrance in the airport

SEA SPARROW:not parked only available on the multi vehicle race pastime (the sanchez beside the lighthouse activates the race)

SKIMMER(seaplane):parked at the dock behind the bar in downtown

LITTLE WILLIE:in the junkyard in little haiti/purchasable at the clymenus suite on the helipad use the door on the top floor of the suite after the mission "to victor the spoils"

RHINO:in a hangar in fort baxter army base enter in your army fatigues to avoid getting shot at (only available after mission "last stand")

HUNTER:ultimate vehicle, parked in the airport behind a building in a small part jetting out of the airport (only available after the mission "last stand")

ill try 2 get a map for the list soon smile.gif