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Hi there!
My name is Hemyulin and I'm here to ask for your opinion.
Sorry to be so direct for my first post but it's important.

Anyways, I'm getting a PSP soon and I was wondering weather or not I should get LCS and VCS, do they really worth it?

To help you answer if you care:
I love GTA, been playing since the first.
I'm into the story AND the other stuff but mainly the story.
I........................ That's all actually tongue.gif

Thnx in advance,

If your a GTA fan, then yes, they are both good games...
Hi Mate

I would recommend both if you are a GTA fan. I loved LCS with a passion, and I liked VCS as well.

I wrote a blog on VCS with some very in depth opinions. It's long, but read it. I would also recommend you still buy this game, even if you think what I said is a bit negative. My blog link is:

VCS Blog



P.S. Welcome to the forums.
Ty both! smile.gif
Yeah, I would get both. LCS I think is the better one but VCS is a close 2nd.
At least it's not Advance tongue.gif
Stan Petrov
The story isnt as good as the main series, but this, and LCS is a must for proper GTA fans. Both are easily the best games on the PSP too smile.gif
yes, get them, specially if you are a GTA fan... you got absolutely nothing to lose, you will get a portable GTA!!!
it's even better if any of your mates has the gta series on psp

cause then you can play multiplayer

it's awesome
Ex-PS Fanboy
there good games but they arent as good as san an still its portable and worth it
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