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This is probably the wrong forum to post into, but I just wanted to find out who/how I should PM some Admin/Mod about the annoying Mosquito banner advert on this site. I've seen it on other websites too, and I don't mind adverts but if it loads on the page there is a constant buzzing noise which means you have to turn off your sound or close the window. I know the website probably has some arrangement with an ad agency to load up a random banner ad from a selection, but I wanted to know if it would be possible for the Admin to ask the agency not to load this particular advert, since it is so intrusive? If not what can I do to avoid it?
Fuck me that advert is annoying.. I tried installing ad-block but it don't worky.
Handsome B Wonderful
I assume it's a flash based ad. After one of those kept stuffing up my browser, i decided to block mobile code from that address with my AV. No more flash ads for me. Yay!
I'd PM Psy if I were you, I imagine he will turn up in here sooner or later.

To be honest though, I think UGO/Soccergaming control the ads for here or something so Psy would have to ask them.
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
Moved to problems and requests. Left a link in general because the topic starter didn't seem to know this place exists.

I personally can't make the thing buzz off, it's UGO's ad I think. I can only recommend:

(1) AdBlock, an extension for Firefox if you have it. If not, get it tongue.gif
(2) What HBW said:

QUOTE(Answer to your prayers?)
I assume it's a flash based ad. After one of those kept stuffing up my browser, i decided to block mobile code from that address with my AV. No more flash ads for me. Yay!
tis anoying that adverty is
Get Firefox then install the Adblock plugin.

and use
I'll enquire about this. I hate displaying crappy ads, especially ones like the buzzing ones. If the ads are going to make the site annoying for visitors then I just won't show them, regardless what I'm told to do by the server provider... The ads should be relevant to the forum content, but they never are...
No don't get me wrong, even if the ad is a flash video type ad, it's possible to just scroll down so it's no longer on the screen, so it can pretty much just be ignored. After all, I guess the ads, annoying or not, keep the site paid for and alive. It's just that no amount of scrolling will enable you to avoid the buzzing noise, which interrupts any music that might be playing.

btw Epileptic Bagpipes you're right, I didn't know this place exists, thanks for the heads-up
wouldnt be bad if it stopped after a few seconds.... and was of better quality >.>

You know what would work better for any advertising firm who operates this sort of way, is to hold contests to the people active in "graphics" forums to make an advert for a certain product, then whoever whens gets it displayed. The reason this is better, i think is for two reasons:

1. It gets members ACTIVELY participating in experiencing the advertisment, not only are they seeing an advert, but they are looking up stuff about it, researching it, ect to make adverts for it.

2. Other forum members will RATE the advertisment, again, providing a more captive audience than some crappy 2bit advert that can be defeated by firefox with adblock.

**not for you psy, but for whoever is in charge of the adverts >.>
Here's a good Firefox Addon. It's called Flash Block and it does just that.
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