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Does anyone know where I can find a Maverick Helicopter? I need one to complete the final list?

Also I am looking for a Sabre. Obviously I can find a Sabre Turbo outside my business's but the list requires a normal Sabre.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Kool Kow Klansmen
You know where the construction work is taking place in downtown? Look behind there, in a car park behind. Theres usually a Sabre there. Or, if not, theres one parked on the corner of a street in Little Havana. Dunno about a maverick though, sorry.
The Maverick is on your left(past a hangar) as you enter the airport tarmac gates beside the terminal building.
It starts a tourist photo taking sub-mission(...can't remember da name).
If it ain't there leave & come back on foot,uh,you know the drill. ph34r.gif
To get the 'copter without having to cancel the sub-mission...
push it away from it's spawn point with a heavy vehicle,but careful...
it won't handle much damage b4 exploding. ohmy.gif
There is at least one other spawn point(...but,dah I forget where).

The only Sabre spawn I remeber is in a driveway in Little Havanna as mentioned.
Drive more slowly to allow it to spawn. rolleyes.gif
Thanks guys. Found them. I was hoping for a different car, or a big pile of cash. Not overly amazed with what I got.
killjoy.rujoy? problemo.

yeah,free pay'n'sprays...big freakin' woop rolleyes.gif
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