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If you put your target marker on the Ammunation(spelling)in the North Point mall(or whatever
it's called in VCS)...when you are in the interior of the mall the marker is way out.
The interior of the mall is rendered somewhere in the sky(?).
When you exit the mall the marker is rite where you left it. ph34r.gif

If you raise some hell in the mall & then exit...rite near the entrance,it will rain down freaked out peds &
security! clap.gif

I believe this works at the Mall BMX entrance.The interior folks are escaping to
the exterior.I 'spose someone will eventually find this hole. thumbup.gif

So 'tis a glitch I tells ya!That be what Vertical speaks I be a pirate...arr! ohmy.gif


i don't see how my topic was spam sad.gif
All interiors are in the sky , when in some buisness's the walls glitch letting you see the city above or below.
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