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Full Version: More funny faces from Liberty city stories in VCS Forums > GTA4.TV/ Archive > Old Forum Archive (Read Only) > GTA Old Gen > GTA Portable
Im an Easter Egg
There are 10 total and I have found a few, there is one on the first island across the street from your compound at the back of the fidle market down the stairs where there is a paper with the face and a number 3 on it. There is another behind the ammunation with all of the garages in the largest garage in the back there is a wall that makes it look like 2 garages, behind that wall there should be another peice of paper taped to the wall that has a 7 on it and the last one I know about is on the last island which is under the bridge across the street from the carnival that has a 10 on it. (NOTE: the bridge has a red balloon under it) I hope this helped you.
This is VERY old news, you should look at other topics before creating a new one...
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