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During that mission where you have kill the guy in the white suit (this is both a cunning way of not giving it away but also I forget his name...) my sound went out for the dramatic bit where Louise dies and looking around it seems this was not just my game that this happened to. What a pile of bullshit...Anyone know what they said/found this problem?
this has been found before... do a search next time...
This isn't a find its a question, I was asking if others had this problem.

Don't tell me what to do...

boys boys...this ain't the place for that ^^^
...this was a common glitch.I think you could have seen the text of the conversation
with sub-titles on...other than that I don't know if anyone got that audio.
I don't even know what transpired...I skipped everything(cut-scenes & all I could)
while playing...because the loading was killin' me. wallbash_red.gif

I suppose somewhere google could yield a transcript?

I'll take my time on the PS2 version! thumbup.gif
My sound went off for one of the missions too, i havent gotten to this one yet but there was one for the M guy on the island that it didnt play sound. i just went to the "BRIEF" section in the start menu and read what happened.
Man that mission was annoying and hard! It was called 'Light my Pyre'

But ye my sound went of too, but after i read the 'Breif', it was about that Vic said shall i take you to the hospital, and she says no, then Vic says i thought we had something special going on then she passes away.
The guy in the white suit was called Mendez i think
killjoy.rujoy? shit ohmy.gif .I guess I'll hafta watch the cut scenes when I get to 100%.
I also wasn't sure if cutscene conversations were in the & learn. smile.gif
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