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So I just did the mission for REMI called Accidents Will Happen. Where you have to

vvv SPOILER HOLY SHIT vvv (Just so you can't say I didn't warn you)

drive thru the streets and hit all the red countaches with your tanklike showcar. Well I did one of the bridge jumps and the car blew up in my face and wedged me onto the bridge, high-centered style. So with time and action running out, i get another of my mastermind/stupid ideas. I hop out of the car, and with my psp getting whats probably about 5 FPS, switch to nades and throw one at the pile of cars. I blow all of my armor off and half my health, make my stunt car fly back and start to put out black smoke, and blow the carcass of the other one away...i get back in the car with 1 second to go, and hit another red one with about a milimeter of action left on the bar. As i was powersliding into the alleyway at the end I hit a car with my tail end, and I caught on fire. I made it to the end with probably a second to go before I died.

Biggest thrill I've had so far playing this.
Coolio. I love finishing missions in a flaming car. You know when you have to save the guy from the bikes by airlifting his car? Unfortunately his caught fire just as I saved him...BOOM!
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