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In my opinion all vehicles have been slowed make this place seem bigger.
Now when you get in the slowest of the slow runs top speed,like about Vic's
top speed on foot...and squeals and screeches...but it really ain't movin' that fast. cool.gif

Some high performance the Infernus...I now avoid like, the Perennial! rolleyes.gif

I remember zipping across VC in ' is not the descriptive term I would use
for 'copters anymore. mad.gif

Speaking of 'copters did you try Little Willie yet? thumbup.gif ultralite 'copter with guns!
It's in the junkyard(in a corner behind a mountain of trash(?).
I disagree , all sports cars seem pretty fast to me , but aircrafts don't.
QUOTE(UTS_Blaze @ Nov 13 2006, 07:19 PM) [snapback]1257584[/snapback]

I disagree , all sports cars seem pretty fast to me , but aircrafts don't.

Ye the aircrafts are slow :yawn:

Also the boats, the jet ski seems faster than any of the boats
...yeah,what I was meaning is that there are alotta vehicles you can press & hold X & drive like no problem.
I'm a Cheetah or Banshee fan...the Infernus takes too much air.
I was maybe a little peeved when I started this thread.

I did the story line, then the standard fare vehicle side missions.
Then all these new side missions.There's a lot,& doing them all in a row
was kinda slow...The aircraft crawl along(however the Hunter mission & that sea plane are alrite)...
Taxi was a friggin yawnfest...most of the boat collection was,well,when your bringing in some of them
boats don't nod off & pile that sea pig into the shore.

So,yeah sports cars are ok...but,mann,you can't say that all them family sedan sh!t kinda cars & sunday drivers were that slow in VC.
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