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not sure if uve noticed, but on 1st island, if u go behind the building where the fire engine normally is, sometimes a helicopter appears. go in to do FIRE COPTER missions...

u get to put out BUILDINGS biggrin.gif


and u get 2 replenish ur bucket by flying over water biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Ex-PS Fanboy
u no about the air ambulance? go in it and do air medic
wow never knew about the fire helicopter,
but i have heard of the ambulance helicopter.
Yeah i was trying those missions and it really wares on you because the helicopters aren't that fast and for paramedic missions you have to go from island to island getting people.
Ex-PS Fanboy
do half of the guys on this vcs posts even play the game? their all making big deals of the new cars like the spiltz 6 and armadillo

wtf medic and fire copter r sooo ez and the choppers have 8/10 in acceleration speed and handiling
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