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I heard of it ALOT... Every single page with a game description says abou the called 30 second game replay. And ONCE, I activated it (somehow) by error. But I don't know what I had done...

How to you make the game put the 30 second replay.

hey i did it once on san andreas. probably its the same on vc too. try F1 F2 F3 or Fsomething anyway... (I m not sure about it. i did it accidentaly)
It worked!!!

F1 is the answer...
F1 shows you your last 30 secs of game play...but doesn't save it per se.
F2 saves your last 30 secs of game play.
F3 re-plays the last segment you reviewed wether it was saved (F2) , or not (F1).

It is such a bare bones rendering that I seldom use it,or see it used in making vids.
For instance a re-play of the jet fighter always shows the gear down & does not show the movement of the control surfaces.When on the jet pack,especially in blue hell,the re-play shows C.J. floating about in the jetpack posture but with no jetpack(wtf).I have version 1.

It's hardly the quality most want...what you may want is FRAPS.(

>>>edit>>> I copied & pasted my post here from the GTA SA pc version.I think VC is the same(?).
can you do that on ps2?
no, you cant... but it should be possible, and i think its going to be possible in GTA 4 cause the PS3 and 360 got HDDs
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