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is possilbe to get rid or 4 or 5 wanted stars just by hiding and letting time pass. 1 star is easy, yes!! 2 stars , not a problem!! 3 stars ,it pays to know where the bribes are!!

but with 4 or 5 stars!! if i get a bribe taking stars from say 4 to 3 will this be reflected by the effort by the A.I to get me!
in a car ,pay-and-spray, gets rid of all, but is any thing possible while in a helicopter!!
if you know, anything let me know, thanks
...a 'copter in Vice City...the best! thumbup.gif
There are 3 easy airborn bribes (stars) in a row on the mainland.All at unique stunts...& one at your safe house.The Hyman Condo near the race track.Gotta ged rid of a lotta stars in a hurry?
Take the one at the condo entrance...go on the roof and change clothes...(grab a 'copter from the roof helipad)fly south to a bribe at the first slum;at the Chopper checkpoint...still heading south;another bribe over the drainage canal at a unique jump...still heading south;another bribe over the fence by the auto shop.
The clothing change is worth 2 bribes...for a total of all 6. clap.gif
...course you could just wait to get rid of 1 star.Anymore than that & time doesn't help.
And indeed the amount of police presence is reflected by the wanted level. ph34r.gif
thanks guy, do you what though, i've never once seen the rhino!! 5 stars , then hide or die, is about as classy as i get!! no-one dies quite as often i'm sure, and quite as badly!! sad.gif
i love it, but i'm gonna have to learn these stars i guess! smile.gif sad.gif smile.gif
this time next week i'll be kicking butt! laugh.gif
You can only lose starts by getting bribes, go to paynspray,complete a storyline mission, or die. Lvl 4 and 5 wanted levels aren't that hard if you have a fast car. Lvl 6 = stay off the streets. wink.gif
cheers!! be trying it real soon!!
best way is to save your game, gets rid of all stars
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