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Help! wallbash_red.gif

Could someone please help me complete the mall mission. i can't seem to fniish in the 5 minute time limit.

thank you, clap.gif

mrs. p

here's my file
i did it using the rocket launcher, combat shotgun and grenades. keep a pcj600 outside the mansion and get to the mall asap. once your inside use the rocket launcher to blow up every window you can see, and the grenades for throwing over ledges (if youre downstairs). use the combat shotgun to kill the cops that are shooting you (fast shooting, 1 shot kill gun). explosives are much better for this mission than guns as they take out more than one window at a time. try not to waste too much time shooting cops, get them near the windows, then send a rocket at them, taking out the windows and the cops at once. keep in mind that you dont have to get back to the mansion after you smash all the windows. if all else fails find the infinite mission time cheat clap.gif
new major on the block
Just wondering, isn't beating it yourself without outside help or cheats the whole point of playing the game?
I never needed help at all even when I got stuck. Adapt and overcome your weakness in the game yourself and you will enjoy the game a lot more.
Bitch Heartless
I used the rockets and the sword and it worked really fast.
I'll tell ya what I did. rolleyes.gif

I shot the windows from inside the stores. wink.gif
Starting at the top level & working down to the exit with my waiting vehicle.
Shoot windows peds & especially no cops!

Just ignore the mayhem & have full armor & health.
The machine gun provided is quite adequate.
When your inside the stores the cops can't seem to find their way in to get at you.
This will definitely make things easy. thumbup.gif
I go up the escalators in the middle of the mall and use the sniper rifle. That works for me kinda quik.
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