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The Porscheofile
ok now i dont know if this is old or what...but heres the deal:

Ok at the beginning of the game, when the columbians get that old guy, who does he look like? he looks like that old oriental gentleman that Donald love contracts you to rescue right? so, Love tells a columbian to get im out of the paddy wagon in transport, blow up the bridge, drive costs down in Portland so he can aquire some new land yada yada and he'll pay him to do so. the columbian secretly takes a few friends gets the guy, blows up the bridge, and kidnapps the old man. costs of property in portland crumble because no one can get in, Love buys a whole bunch of it on the cheap. Or, costs go up, and Love makes a bunch selling land to the highest bidder, one or the other. anyway the bridge is fixed, and you get to rescue the old man, completing the circle....

whadaya think?
6 shooter
Love gets to buy land at low price in Staunton Island not in Portland. "Nothing brings down real estate prices quicker than a good old-fashioned gang war", he repeats after his mastermind, Avery Washington (known from GTA VC) - that's why he orders you to stir realations between the Colombians and the Yakuza.

Besides, what property did Love buy in Portland?

As for the initial movie, it is of course the Oriental Gentleman who is rescued by the Colombians, that's more than obvious.
The Porscheofile
ok then, and he hires them to blow up the bridge....* this is my own theory* to lower prices.

anyway, after they get him, they wont release him * the old guy* so they demand more money. thats where you come in. you kill them, and get the guy back.
6 shooter
Here's what I found on Wikipedia:

Oriental Gentleman

The Oriental Gentleman.Introduced in: Introduction; jailbreak cutscene

The unnamed "Oriental Gentleman" is a minor but key character in the game's storyline, who is also an important accomplice of Donald Love. Shortly before GTA III, he was arrested, after arriving in Liberty City on a private jet plane from an "unknown departure point somewhere in east Asia", for "failing to satisfy the INS that he had a valid reason for entering the country" and having no proper travel documents (including a passport and visa, "nor a platinum credit card to bribe his way through customs"). As a result, he was set to be delivered to a high security penitentiary before he is deported back later in October 2001.[7]

Early in GTA III's storyline, the Oriental Gentleman boarded a police convoy to prison, along with Claude and 8-Ball, only to be targeted for kidnapping by Colombian Cartel commandos as the convoy crossed the Callahan Bridge (unintentionally allowing Claude and 8-Ball to escape). He was later held captive by the Cartel, as they attempted to hold him hostage for extortion money from Love. Under orders by Love, Claude would rescue the Oriental Gentleman.

The Oriental Gentleman is then tasked by Love to authenticate a mysterious delivery retrieved by Claude. He is also seen, in one cutscene, joining Love for a round of T'ai Chi.
The Porscheofile
ohhhhh....well that pretty much throws a wrench in my shit....mods, close please. this is done with.
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