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On the second island, on the top right-ish area, there is a wrecked restaurant named Ecoli tongue.gif. Anyway I've beat the game and I don't remember anything with this restaurant (I could've of rushed through a mission and forgot), maybe it had blown up from the tunnel mission somehow, but when you walk in it there are two army men that'll shoot at you with SMGs. You can look through the windows and you'll see the army men just looking around at the left over debris. This could have been discussed before but I haven't been on here for a while.
There are a few army people dotted around after doing the tunnel mission. I think they have been placed there due to the explosion. They only start shooting at me, when I shoot at them though.
They're like the National Guard, standing watch point after the demolition. National Guardsmen are usually brought in to prevent rioting, looting, and things of this nature. In LCS, they NEVER shoot at Toni unless he shoots at them first. The Ecoli Bistro has the only natural PSG-1 spawn in the game. There was no mission there other than to grab that rifle, it is very tricky. After the demolition, it is a piece of cake to get it by jumping over from the destroyed opera, or taking the alley jump on a PCJ.
Hey thanks for letting me know, I knew it had to do something with the demolition. Anyway I'm going to check out that PSG-1. I still have a lot to explore.
Im an Easter Egg
where is it I cant find it
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