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I know everyone knows that Tommy's Mansion is based off Tony Montana's, With the colors, his desk, chair, and all the monitors in his office... But I never heard anyone say what was on the monitors... Has anyone actually looked at them??

QUOTE(Ray-Bizzle @ Jul 27 2006, 04:03 PM) [snapback]1205076[/snapback]

Somebody probably noticed this already. But I didn't bother reading through all the pages...

In Tommy's mansion, The Video monitors by his desk have pics of Tony Montanas mansion. You can see the outside, and also see the left staircase, and the fountain, Along with the globe that says 'The World Is Yours'.

Check it out if you havn't found it already.

I just recently found this so if it is known already then don't yell at me lol.
Wow I never noticed that before becuase the damn monitors are all blurry. sad.gif
Yeah thats true. But if you look close you can see the fountain along with the globe that says 'The World Is Yours' Although you can't actually read it because its too small... You can still see its a pic directly out of the movie.
Sgt Andrew
search -scarface 2 revenge- on you tube and a cool movie of scarface in vice city
damn theres the nice sign there? i really wanted the fountain and sign to be in VC that would have made the game for me....but no such bad too....
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