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Fido 14
Well I've been on this forum for some mighty long time now. I can say that I know the dynamics of these forums and the beings inhabiting it. I have been a nice person to everyone and I get along with pretty much everyone. Everyone inhabiting this forum respects me and I respect them. I believe everyone is equal despite their own beliefs and attitudes towards life. The philosophy of every person on these forums makes me just want to burst out with enthusiasm. Everytime I go on these forums, I greet everyone and enjoy the diversified atmosphere I am surrounded in. I am very productive in many ways on these forums. I am very productive in the field of Politics & World Issues on the forums and I am very productive in the field of Rants & Raves. I have always been a law abiding member.

If I am granted the moderator position, I will grant the forums the most cleanliness of the forums. I will make everyone obey the rules. No bypassing the rules just for a particular likening for a peculiar member anymore. Everyone woul be equal under the rules and all the contributions to these colossal forums would actually be conspicuous instead of imperceptible. This would conduct great wonders to the domain and more achievements would surpass the previous belated accomplishments. Logical discussions would be taken place instead of betossed arguments. This type of infastructure would last for many years because it will work.
Make me root admin plz...
You don't ask us to be a mod...we pick the mods.
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