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When will the backup be performed? I'm still waiting for my account back. v_v
As am I. I hate having this new account though I understand its needed to post. I'm just so much more used to having the old one. We can only hope that the backups are done soon sleep.gif.
Meyer Lansky
who did it?
Gutted, Coreyko got his account deleted. I'll pay the admins to not let his account back on...
cuda is your boi
bronco owns the server... it's all up to him, he was on yesterday, I hope the backup's done today guys.
There's gonna be a problem with the backup. If we restore the database we'll lose about a months worth of stuff. I'm going to try and manually put all of your SQL back into the database, but it might not work properly. All of your old posts will most likely say posted by unregistered. That's about the best I can do without having you all start over again...

Ah well looks like a new start it is. Cool! (I know its not your fault)
Just as long as I get my Gold account back I don't care.I paid for the damn thing I better get it back.I like being able to mod my own topics and shit.Thats about the only feature of gold membership I've actually used lately, but still I paid for it.Sure it's only 5 bucks, but I could get 2 zingers for that money.

I know it wasn't you guy's fault, but it still pisses me off that Scrappy was ever unbanned in the first place.Who's stupid idea was that anyway?
I mean, can you seriously say that you didn't see something like this coming?

Anyways, hopefully it all gets sorted out soon.
Tbh I couldnt see this coming huh.gif

I thought Scrappy was too 'tarded to hax.
QUOTE(Pyromaniac @ Jul 5 2006, 05:33 AM) [snapback]1189803[/snapback]

Gutted, Coreyko got his account deleted. I'll pay the admins to not let his account back on...


......and you guys didn't get the trolling in that?
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