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Hey, I've always enjoyed GTA Vice city and to be honest when San Andreas came out I was kind of a little bit disappointed but then when I tried out all the new features I got used to it and forgot completely about Vice city...I thought that San Andreas was the best game ever made, but then a couple of weeks ago I got a bit nostalgic and installed the good all 2002 game Grand Theft Auto Vice city and I realised that Vice City even though it was 6 times smaller and that Vice City's world it self was a lot more had it special atmosphere...well you know it had its unique feel!...which in my opinion San Andreas lacks...I'm talking about lights, colors, sounds,music, cartoonish moves when's just not the same, even though I enjoy SA very much
I know what you mean I remember being on ocean beach at night and I would always see this haze in front of the hotels it was weird but cool, and Vice City always had a blue sky during the day unlike GTA:SA's where it could be orange,red plus GTA:SA has less humor in it. It doesn't seem as funny as Vice City plus the fact the your in Los Santos for 25% of the game surronded by ghettos may have something to do with the atmosphere.
Yep I agree 100%.... on the other hand San Andreas has all the new cool things like all the new airplanes, the countryside, the desert, bikes...but nevertheless i lacks something!
i think SA went out and went to 2 many different types of lacker that uniqueness of one style that GTAIII and VC had...
Its the whole California enivornment because If you go to San fierro in the Game it feels just like San Fransico..I think Miami and The Bikinis and The Women and The Cocaine and Stuff is just more appealing than the Smog that is in Los Angeles and the cold dim Look of North Cali and The Desert That surrounds Vegas Tu Sabes(yah Know).

I dont think it Takes away from the Game that much its just a diffrent enviornment and feel for the Game IMO GTA III was to gloomy to get a feel for the game and low Character development and then Playing GTA Liberty City Stories It still felt Gritty and Gloomy, and it didnt get drawn into the story much.
Sgt Andrew
I think your right there. vice city has a nicer feel to it.i like the songs on the radio
I thought SA was much funnier, some jokes were hard to understand and the references were crazy Menace 2 Society and all that good ish.
yeah i no what yous mean about vice citys atmosphere, it had that certain something which sanandreas didnt have, i remember about a year or 2 ago, i had another go threw the story, and i was hooked, it wa slike playing a really good movie, with really good charactors, story, missions, setting and everything else, for me GTA 3 and vice city were probs the best, but sanandreas is still an awsome game
i personally think VC has the best atmosphere out of the WHOLE GTA series.....
Un-Amurikan Bastage
I agree with Eyesonly...

Vice City was so much funnier, and the atmosphere went perfectly. It was everything you would expect a game to be if it was based on 80's Miami, and it looked the best of all three games (not graphically)...

Vice City made me laugh my ass off like San Andreas never could. Some of the missions were rediculously funny. Chasing some bastard around a golf course in a golf cart while being chased by guys wielding golf clubs...driving a taxi around a large area whilst a dozen rival cabs attempt to ram you to death, then watching a "leader cab" in a specially painted cab try to kill you...breaking into a compound guarded by crazy bitches (yes, women) all wieilding various weapons...driving a man who blew his arm off to the hospital while heavily intoxicated by boomshine fumes...ramming weapons crates off the backs of old trucks while being chased by dozens of gangsters on Faggios...changing a spotlight on a building to a pair of tits...

The list goes on and on, but Vice City was the most humorous of the three and the most fun to play through...I just played through Vice City for the third time, but after going through San Andreas once, doing it again would be more of a chore than a fun experience...

Besides, you can't beat watching Tommy beat someone with a nightstick at twice the speed of human capability...
Yeah, Vice City had a more appealing attitude to it, San Andreas was more serious and the first time I was playing through it I thought it sucked, but know I am on the last story mission and it was definately more fun to complete. But Vice City IMO the best storyline/atmosphere.
6 shooter
I don't agree. I prefer both SA and especially GTA3 to VC as far as game's atmosphere goes. Not that I dislike VC's mood, but it ain't that good. GTA3 was so gloomy that nothing can beat it. VC was more like a big water resort (which it ought to resemble, but I've never been a fan...).

SA, on the other hand has a lot of styles, moods, so the atmosphere is changing - and I love this variety.
GTA 3 was DARK and rarely bright outside and is it me or did it rain ALOT in GTA 3 like every 10-15 minutes it would rain.
Bitch Heartless
Vice city did have a great atmosphere but imo not the best. It had a very unique and cool feel when u played it yes. But you got to understand that they cant make los angeles san francisco like that in san andreas with all the lights an stuff. And GTA 3 imo had a great feel to it. Overall the best feel imo has to go to san andreas but it doesnt beat vice cty and 3 by that much.
6 shooter
QUOTE(Huntsky @ Jul 21 2006, 07:19 PM) [snapback]1199534[/snapback]

GTA 3 was DARK and rarely bright outside and is it me or did it rain ALOT in GTA 3 like every 10-15 minutes it would rain.

Yup, it seems like it rained every other gameplay hour in Liberty biggrin.gif
Well seeing how it doesn't rain every 10-15 minuts in Vice City and the rest of the GTA'S then rock* must of improved the weather system. thumbup.gif
6 shooter
I think they meant it to rain more often in Liberty than in other GTA cities to reflect both the real climate (of NYC) and the game's aforementioned gloominess.
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