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On the mission "Uzi money", the people I am supposed to kill will not appear. I've tried about 10 times so far. Is this just a matter of persistence or some bug which means this whole attempt at 100% is futile?
I seem to recall hearing something about this before but didn't pay much attention because it was fine at the time.
Note: This is the PS2 version.
This is in fact a bug that happened with the original shipments of the game and has been well documented for a while now. You are able to complete the mission in the first file you play, but if you start the game over again you are not able to complere Uzi Money unfortunately.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!: This is the mission I warned you about above. Sometimes this mission gets bugged up, and the Niners won't be walking around on the streets. So, you won't be able to kill them and finish the mission, you won't be able to do the rest of D-Ice's missions, and you won't be able to get 100% completion! If you're infected with the bug, then pretty much the only thing you can do is start over.
There is some way that someone claims to get around it. You have nothing to lose, so you may as well give it a go.

The bug seems to only occur once D-Ice's missions are complete. Once the Rumble happens, the Purple Nines just stop appearing. If you save the game, and then start a new one, the Purple Nines just won't appear because the bug seems to revolve around how the game is saved and loaded.

What I did was just start the game without a memory card in it, let it load
a fresh, new game, and save that game onto the same card. From what I've seen, this works. I've even tried loading from the original save with D-Ice missions complete, saving that, then re-loading the new game and still having the Purple Nines appear. I even checked it out from the start of the game by grabbing a car and using the Flying cheat to get to Shoreside Vale and checking out the Witchita Gardens area. The place had plenty of Purple Nines roaming around where the new game started from the original save had none around.

It is GameFags, but they are good for something...
QUOTE(Jet-Black @ Jun 18 2006, 12:07 PM) [snapback]1175745[/snapback]

FUCK! I hoped it wasn't something like this.
You must've beaten the game before.

If you saved after killing off the Purple Nines,
they won't appear in a second play-through.
That's why after doing so, you'd want a clean
save on slot 8, from just the beginning.

That's the Purple Nines glitch.
Sadly, no workaround.
Must have slot 8 with a clean new game save.

(Then your real game saves on other slots)
The Porscheofile
joo fucked meng...i know i ran into this..its what put me off of gta3 for over 2 years...
Theres a guy that posts on gtaforums named Demarest that made a fix for this. Look around for his posts you should find it there. You will need to be able to mod your play disc to do this, but it works for all consoles and pc version.
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